Best Employee Recruitment initiatives for 2022

Employee referral programs, recruitment tools, recruiting partnership and more.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - January 7, 2022

Recruitment initiatives change over time. You can hardly remember most of the ones that were popular a few years ago. The good news is that the new tool makes it much easier to keep track of market developments and adjust your recruiting strategy in response to new trends and patterns.

As a result, a key business process that must undergo a major restructuring is Recruiting. In 2022, and most likely in the years ahead, employee referral programs, tech tools and outsourcing are projected to guide recruiting processes. To stay afloat and locate qualified staff, recruiters must become specialists in HR IT trends such as virtual recruiting, predictive analytics, and more.

In this article, you’ll look at the main drivers of best employee recruiting initiatives in 2022.


Employee referral programs 

Establishing employee referral programs is simple, inexpensive, and effective, the trick is to find a balance between incentives and quality. You want your employees to refer other professionals to your network.

A staffing firm can help you set strategic employee’s referral programs to improve stability and eliminate concerns like turnover during a period of ongoing uncertainty.

Outsourcing assistance is another good option to consider, such as RPO agencies. Only 7% of companies stated that they expected to prioritize investing with organizations such as recruiting agencies to help them with their talent acquisition efforts in 2017. By 2020, that number will have risen to 23%.

It is expected that recruiters will focus spending in 2022 on employee referral programs and job boards, rounding out the top categories.


Recruitment strategy

Recruitment strategy is a key component of talent acquisition. The main objective of any organization is to achieve a competitive advantage by obtaining the best talent that the labor market can provide but to achieve great results, a well-organized recruiting function requires a deep understanding of job market rivals.

By using a great recruiting strategy, you can not only save time, but also improve the quality of your candidates. If you choose to partner with an external RPO, their full attention will be on the different hiring sources, which brings many benefits from a deep understanding of the talent criteria and relevant KPIs expected in expected performance.

Once the recruitment process has been simplified and targets set, driven decisions are made in myriad ways.

A professional staffing company or an Outsourcing Partner such as Remoto Workforce can help you grow your team in a number of ways in reaction to changing market conditions that are expected to last through April 2022.


Recruitment tools

Consider investing some money in software and tools that will help you save time and money to streamline your hiring process.

Whether it’s a video interview platform or a complete candidate tracking system, these technologies can help your team focus on other areas of the hiring process by optimizing and automating some activities.

As more companies implement hybrid or remote workspaces, it’s critical to ensure your association has the tools it needs to run virtual interviews.


Recruiting partnership

The hiring process is increasingly complicated, and you and your team are likely in charge of other processes more important to the core of your business.

When internal resources are limited, collaborating with the right recruiting agency helps you and your team focus on other strategic projects with the confidence of knowing that your talent acquisition needs are being met by specialists trained and 100% committed to your company.

The knowledge you gain through recruiting partnerships will improve the quality of your hiring process, reduce risk, increase retention, and give you and your company a distinctive competitive advantage.


Key data drivers 

Today’s talent acquisition executives ensure teams are equipped with data-driven mindsets and the technologies necessary to implement data-driven recruiting. Therefore, data is the key input to enable talent teams to be more strategic.

Without data to guide your efforts, your team will struggle to keep up with the data-driven organizations that can better collaborate and increase critical recruiting and hiring metrics.



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