Use LinkedIn in 2022 for Job Postings and Recruitment Ads

LinkedIn provides you interesting tools for job posting and paid recruitment ads. Learn how to use them in 2022.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 31, 2022

LinkedIn is one of the most significant employment platforms globally. Over time, hundreds of job seekers and recruitment specialists use this platform to build networks and create bonds.

In the case of recruiters, they have relied on the tools provided by LinkedIn to get excellent hires in 2022 and meeting your staffing needs. Through job postings and recruitment ads, recruiters find potential candidates for their fantastic jobs.

This blog post tells you how to use this platform for job postings and recruitment ads in 2022.


LinkedIn Job Postings Explained

If you use LinkedIn Recruiter, you’ll be able to make job postings anytime, anywhere. Also, keep in mind that, according to LinkedIn staff, once you publish your job posting, you’ll be able to reach the “world’s largest professional network to connect your job with qualified candidates.”

For creating job postings, you only need to access your profile on this website. However, if you want to create a fantastic job post, we recommend considering Kristina Martic’s guide to get inspired.

To begin with, Martic explains that a job posting aims to inform potential candidates about a new opening in your company and attract them to apply. For writing an excellent job posting, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Give shape to the job description: Write a comprehensive job description containing information about your business’s core values and practices.

Create a candidate persona: Imagine the kind of candidate you want to attract and design your job posting considering your thoughts.

Craft the job post: What is the job about? Where is the position located? Why would some want to work for you? Respond to these questions and transmit your answers to the job posting.

Then, you can publish your job post on LinkedIn. If need to understand more about how this platform works, watch this video.


All You Need to Know about LinkedIn Recruitment Ads

As Rohma Abbas explains, “LinkedIn is a formidable recruiting tool that lets you post jobs, build your company brand and source passive candidates”. In addition, you can pay job ads to make candidates’ sourcing more effective.

What happens when you paid an ad  for recruitment purposes? Abbas describes the benefits of investing in Linkedin advertising:

  • Shares your job posting with more than 500 million candidates. You’ll be visible on LinkedIn immediately.
  • You can email candidates and see their skills and locations.
  • You can link your job postings with your LinkedIn company profile.

LinkedIn uses a pay-per-click model to promote your job postings. According to Abbas, this means that you’ll be charged based on how many candidates click on your job posting. Therefore, it would be easier for you to determine a budget before paying for advertising on LinkedIn.

We suggest you these steps to create a job posting and, instantly, paid for recruitment ads:

Create your Linkedin profile: In case you don’t have one, you’ll have the chance to create an amazing profile by following our advice here.

Create a LinkedIn company profile: Afterwards, you may want to create a LinkedIn profile for your company in order to make your first job postings.

Publish your job post: Click on the ‘jobs icon’ and enter the information requested for the LinkedIn platform, mainly job descriptions and skills.

Set a budget: With this budget, LinkedIn advertising will move according to your needs.

Checkout: It would be significant for you to know that you’ll be charged monthly.


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