Job Industry: Transport & Logistics

Senior Supply Chain Analyst

The Senior Supply Chain Analyst is responsible for generating and analyzing data to proactively identify disruptions in the Supply Chain (order placement, vendor/manufacturing pipeline, transportation

Material Handler Operator Virtual Assistant

The Material Handler Operator Virtual Assistant digitally records the handling, movement and storage of various hazardous and non-hazardous materials within a warehouse by the operator. The main funct

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer

The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer will find efficient ways to use workers, machines and materials to maximize business profits. The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer will develop managemen

Database Warehouse Supervisor

The Database Warehouse Supervisor manages the daily activities of the team responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and support of data warehouse systems. The Database Warehouse Superv

Supply Chain Analyst

The Supply Chain Analyst has an important role in the planning and carrying out of large-scale projects. A Supply Chain Analyst collects data and then analyzes in order to make improvements to the sup

Supply Dispatcher Manager

The Supply Dispatcher Manager responsibilities are communicating the availability of material to work managers, job owners, project managers and follow-up on issues as they arise within the workweek s

Customer Supply Chain Analyst

The Customer Supply Chain Analyst prepare reporting/statistical analysis for Supply Chain processes and understand how analysis impacts overall Supply Chain processes. The Customer Supply Chain Analys

Material Handler Specialist

The Material Handler Specialist stages all materials required for production packaging, labeling and assembly operations. The Material Handler Specialist manages the inventory of bulk and in-process m

Supply Chain Senior Manager

Supply Chain Senior Manager

The Supply Chain Senior Manager is highly collaborative and leads planning activities including aggregation of demand, supply alignment, analytics, and drives maturity of planning systems. The Supply

Supply Chain Planner Analyst

Supply Chain Planner Analyst

The Supply Chain Planner Analyst perform pricing analysis and forecasting and planning and source materials in collaboration with cross-functional teams. The Supply Chain Planner Analyst manage activi