Top 5 LinkedIn Tools and Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

Recruiters must adapt and be constantly updated with technology’s new tools. LinkedIn and Google Chrome provide you with effective tools for recruitment.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 24, 2022

LinkedIn and Google have made significant contributions to the HR management industry by creating numerous technological tools to enhance recruitment and hiring processes.

LinkedIn Recruiter allows HR specialists, staffing agencies’ employees, and business owners to efficiently search, communicate, shortlist, and select excellent candidates for specific job candidates. Moreover, some applications to enhance recruitment have been assisted and powered by LinkedIn, such as LinkedInX or IFTTT.

On the other hand, useful apps are available in Google Chrome to structure and automate any recruitment actions. Many of these tools are connected to LinkedIn so that every recruitment initiative you develop in Google Chrome will be reflected in this fantastic employment platform.


Taking Advantage of LinkedIn: Essential Tools for Any Recruiter

Today, there are many technology tools associated with LinkedIn that every recruiter will want to know about. Initially, LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid tool similar to LinkedIn Sales Navigator that will allow you to find, manage, and communicate with excellent candidates.

If you need help with LinkedIn recruiter, you may want to hire a human resources administrator that helps you analyze which plan is better for your company.

Poonam Jamuni explains the benefits of using LinkedIn Recruiter as a tool in your HR management projects that we recap here for you:

LinkedIn allows recruiters to reach out to passive candidates: 70 percent of candidates with LinkedIn accounts do not do intense job searches, so they’re considered “passive.” In this situation, LinkedIn Recruiter allows recruiters to access this passive candidate’s percentage to build a highly qualified talent pool.

LinkedIn helps you conduct reference checks: Given that most people post information regarding past professional experience and employers on LinkedIn, you can research more to determine if your remote candidates are legit.

Additionally, you can use apps and extensions powered by LinkedIn that you can use to automate searches, communications, and shortlisting:

LinkedInX Button on Source Hub: SourceHub helps you search for candidates effectively by utilizing this button. LinkedInX Button will provide you unlimited searches of LinkedIn data and develop accurate location searches. Moreover, this button will allow you to add synonyms to increase the number of results you obtain on LinkedIn.

IFFTTT: This free service, also known as “If This, Then That,” will help you create meaningful connections between your recruitment activities and social media, including LinkedIn. For instance, you can post photos from Instagram to LinkedIn and share popular press articles, according to the Social Talent blog.

Watch our recommended video to learn more about how to use LinkedIn for sourcing candidates.


Helpful Google Chrome Tools for Talented Recruiters

Krishna Reddy affirms that recruitment must be efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, Google Chrome apps and extensions can help recruiters automate and optimize recruitment efforts to get excellent candidates.

We recommend you use these Google tools to boost your recruitment strategies:

Wisestep Chrome Extension: this free tool will simplify recruiters’ tasks because one of its primary features is integrating multiple jobs and boards on all continents. Moreover, Wisestep allows you to gather information to create candidates’ databases. Finally, this Chrome extension will provide you with real-time HR analytics to improve your recruitment strategies.

Improver: this Chrome extension helps recruiters find information about candidates quickly. For example, you can get passive candidates’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Contact Out: Like Improver, this extension offers you access to candidates’ information, including phone numbers.

Rapportive: this Gmail plug-in will allow you to see the LinkedIn profile details of candidates when you send them emails.

Crystal Knows for LinkedIn: this Chrome extension analyses data to tell you how to communicate with your candidates. Thence, you can create personality profiles for every person you contact on LinkedIn and establish compelling communication with them.


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