Learn How Top Recruiters Shortlisted the Best Candidates

Shortlisting will be in your recruiting strategies in 2022. In this guide, we will tell you step by step how to create a shortlist of candidates.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 29, 2022

Shortlisting will be an essential element of any recruiting strategy for your company in 2022. Through this tactic, you will be able to select your candidates according to specific criteria, such as education, work experience, and personality characteristics.

Also, after electing your candidates, you can contact them to onboard and make them feel well in your business. In this post, we present a step-by-step guide to shortlisting your candidates.

Shortlisting: An Essential Piece of Recruiting Strategies

Shortlisting entails identifying the potential job candidates for your company. Typically, shortlists include the criteria you want to consider when recruiting the best candidates for filling specific job positions.

Therefore, creating candidates’ lists is essential for recruiting strategies and HR management initiatives in a business.

Nonetheless, at this point, you may have wondered why creating a shortlist is so crucial. Establishing lists narrows your pools of applicants immediately. Also, these lists help determine the best applicants for your job positions. So, this is a part of any remote hiring strategy that you don’t want to overlook in 2022.

Jeff Wood shares five excellent tips to shortlist job candidates in this video.


Shortlist Your Candidates Step-by-step

In this blog post, we suggest you these six steps to develop a successful job candidate’s shortlisting process:


Determine your criteria

It will be essential to determine the criteria your candidates must meet to fill the available positions in your recruiting process. Any candidate who aspires to a remote position will have to make sure to follow them to be hired by a company. Usually, these criteria are education, work experience, skills, personality traits, and competencies.


Create a scorecard

You can design a scorecard to determine which candidate is the best for your company. We suggest you include your criteria and an estimated score for each candidate in this scorecard.


Eliminate candidates who don’t meet your criteria

After assessing the criteria and qualifications in your company, you will need to eliminate the less suitable job candidates for your business in 2022.


Conduct interviews

If you’re a recruiter or work in a staffing agency, prepare the questions for your job interview with potential candidates. On the other hand, if you´re a job seeker pursuing your dreams, you can learn from Darren Ryan how to succeed in your job interview.


Give your candidates a score

You can give your candidates a score and exclude those who don’t meet the required criteria to fill job positions in your company in 2022.


Move forward

Kindly communicate with the excluded candidates about your decision not to move forward with them in the recruiting process. Also, message your elected candidates and begin the onboarding process from the beginning.


Resources to enhance your recruiting process

There are countless resources to improve your recruiting processes. However, Remote Workforce recommends two.

First, you can count on specialist executive recruiters who will support you in choosing your best candidate for a remote position. Second, you will be able to use Application Software to collect information about your candidates and create databases.


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