Essential YouTube Webinars for HR & Recruiting Pros

YouTube Webinars can be essential tools to enhance your HR management approach and recruitment strategies. Learn more from our list of top Youtube webinars.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 30, 2022

HR and Recruitment webinars are essential tools that US companies can use in 2022.

For instance, you may want to use one-way interview videos to learn more about your candidates or implement recruitment marketing initiatives that allow you to get new hires efficiently.

Also, you can learn about how to build a strong company culture, a coaching culture in HR management, and the significance of recruitment metrics through YouTube webinars.

We rounded five YouTube webinars up to help you enhance your HR management approach and recruitment activities in this video.


Recruitment Marketing Masterclass — LinkedIn Talent Solutions

In this webinar video, Gary Murray explains how to develop marketing strategies through LinkedIn from scratch.

Also, one of the most significant advantages of this webinar is that Murray teaches you, from the beginning, what resources to use in a recruitment marketing strategy for your company.

For example, he tells you how to create ad formats, define targeting options, elaborate campaign planning and optimization, and develop content curation and creation activities.


Design Thinking in HR — Academy to Innovate HR

This webinar will teach you what design thinking is and how to implement it in HR management. Moreover, Raymond Hannes provides detailed explanations on why to implement design thinking in HR management.

For instance, he asserts that design thinking is a collaborative approach that allows smooth problem solving within recruitment teams. Likewise, introducing design thinking into HR has advantages, such as promoting an optimistic mindset, creating conditions for innovation, experimentation, iteration, and getting positive feedback.


How to Build a Strong Company Culture — MatcHR

In The Art of Recruitment, a webinar series created by MatcHR, Ingeborg van Harten explains how to create a solid company culture. In this webinar, she also describes the recruiter’s role in promoting values and organizational culture in hiring processes.


Moreover, van Harten argues that it is essential to demystify the concept of “culture for creating an incredible company culture.” So how to explain the culture to candidates? First, you may want to begin with the place. What emotions emerge from the workspace, including smells? Then, you can tell them that the company culture is similar to a company personality. This is what makes the company unique.


Recruitment Metrics to Power your Hiring Strategies — Recruitee

Richard Brown, McLaren Racing’s Leat Talent, argues that recruitment metrics are essential to determine how to impact business decisions and recruit the right hires.


In this webinar, you will learn about specific tools to get information regarding your recruitment initiatives. For example, you may want to use polls for your candidates to evaluate your actions or implement software for recruitment metrics.

The most important lesson from this webinar and McLaren Racing’s experience is that data is vital to recruiting processes.

It would be helpful for any company to have accurate information about recruitment to provide better experiences to candidates, plan HR initiatives, estimate how they are progressing, achieve consistency, and gain insight to have better employees in the future.


How HR Can Establish a Successful Coaching Culture

In this webinar, you will learn what coaching culture is and how it can benefit your recruitment strategies. It is essential to emphasize training to promote a thriving coaching culture that incentivizes leadership and motivates employees.

For example, executive directors, recruiters, HR specialists, and business owners need to be trained in coaching to promote internal leadership and careers.

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