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Freelance marketplaces have pros and cons when it comes to hiring. Learn about the cons and pros of and
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Employ remote workers through freelance marketplaces has several advantages, such as reducing costs derived from wages and securing payments through Escrow systems until projects or jobs are completed. and can benefit your recruitment strategies, but, at the same time, they have disadvantages that you may want to consider. In this Remoto Workforce blog post, we’ll tell you the pros and cons of hiring through and


Pros and Cons of Hiring at is a freelance marketplace oriented by values, such as trust, respect, accountability, integrity, and tolerance. Since 1998, has provided employers and freelance workers an opportunity to connect.

Freelancers can create an account and a profile, join the Guru’s community, find a job, and get paid. Meanwhile, employers can hire talent according to their needs, manage assignment and tasks, and pay to freelancers. All payments are secured with SafePay.

Pros of Hiring Through

Like other freelance platforms, has advantages when it comes to hiring. highlights some pros that we recap here for you:

Fair fees: has one of the smallest fees in contrast with other marketplaces. Both recruiters and freelance workers don incur in additional charges for using the platform.

Multiple payment methods: recognized multiple payment methos different from payment services or credit cards.

Project management functionalities: you can access a streamline for each project you hire on the website. This allows you to manage how your freelancers are working.

Cons of Hiring Through

One of the most recurrent complains regarding Guru-com is its poor management of job scammers. Also, customer service is difficult to reach out and the rating system is not trustworthy.

In addition, service fees can be high. Given competence is huge, freelancers struggle for months to get hired for the first time.

Pros and Cons of Hiring at is an Australian freelance marketplace that emerged in 2009. Its primary purpose is to create connections between clients and freelancer through projects and contests. Employers create a job posting and freelancer compete to get awarded. Likewise, any payment within the platform is secured through an Escrow system.

Pros of Hiring Through also presents the pros of hiring through For instance, in this platform, you can make your recruitment more practical.

If you need help, you can get help from a specialized recruiter by paying a small fee. This recruiter selects, shortlists, and suggests you candidates for undertaking your projects.

Moreover, in you will get access to elite freelancer that are reunited in the marketplace’s preferred program. These are loyal workers that present the best reviews in the entire platform.

Also, gives you the opportunity to secure your payment until your workers deliver high-quality products. Finally, the customer service is incredibly effective and committed to eradicate risks of violence against clients and freelancer online.

Cons of Hiring Through users highlight that it is easy to get scammed on the platform. Also, sometimes it is difficult to tell if a freelancer is qualified for the job.

Therefore, you have to test several freelancers and determine if they’re able to meet deadlines and produce high-quality work. This explains why the staff recommends you get its recruiting service and get talent only from the Preferred Freelancer program.

In this video, you will learn all about how to hire reliable freelancers.


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