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REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 14, 2022

Planning how to keep your school fully staffed is harder than ever. The ongoing recruitment crisis means fewer teachers are available, while the increase in international schools means good educators are increasingly in demand.

However, there are still lots of good candidates out there. Having a robust recruitment and retention strategy in place can help your school ensure you’re attracting staff, keeping them happy and making them less likely to look elsewhere.

To get some insight on how schools approach their own recruitment planning, we spoke to two leaders.

Jo Facer is principal at Ark Sloane Academy in the UK. She explains some of the complexities of staffing a brand new school and why having open conversations with staff about their career objectives is key.

We also spoke to Chris Sammons, principal at West Island School in Hong Kong, about the complexities that come with recruiting teachers from a global pool of candidates.

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