How To Hire Freelancers on Upwork

REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - June 1, 2022

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— In this video, I am going to show that how you can use Upwork to help in your projects. Upwork is a platform where you can post job and freelancer related to that job post will send you a proposal. If you like the proposal sent by them, then you can hire them and they will help you in your projects. Let’s get started.

Click on post a job. Then you have to choose the description of the job. For example if I am looking for video editing services. So i’ll write it according to that. On the next page, you have to write the description of the job. What services you require from freelancers and stuff like that. One technique that I use that after writing all description. At the end I write ‘Write ‘apple’ in the start of your proposal. Do you know why I do that? because there are many freelancer that do not even read the description and apply for the job and after contacting them about the job details. They aren’t aware of it. These people are totally time waster. On next page, you have to select the skills you require. For example: Adobe premiere pro, Intro/outro, motion graphics etc. You can also select their level of expertise. There are three levels: Entry level, Intermediate and Expert. Then there is a box of selecting the duration of project whether it is one to three months or more than six months. You have two options of paying freelancers. One is hourly and other is fixed rate. Fixed rate is further dissolved intro whole projects and milestone. After you see that all credentials have been filled, then simply click on post job and job would be publish. You can see the updates regarding your job application by ‘My jobs’. On viewing the freelancers profile, you can see how much they have earned on Upwork. The number of clients they have worked with. You can have a look at their portfolio. If things seems fine to you. Then you can click on ‘Hire freelancer’. After that, you can negotiate with them regarding the price and structure. This is the whole process of hiring a freelancer on Upwork that will help you in your projects.

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