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REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 14, 2022

Do you need to employ someone? Have you ever considered using a recruitment agency?

You can contact Jane Smith at www.propelp.co.za or jane@propelp.co.za

In this video I speak to a recruitment specialist, Jane Smith, about the ins and outs of recruitment and how the process works when employing someone through a recruitment agency.

We discussed the following topics
– reference checks
– personnel agencies
– process of working with a personnel agency
– benefits of using a personnel agency
– what a personnel agency can do for you
– consultation to get job specifications
– compiling of job specification requirement list
– Office inspections and visits
– advertising and sourcing potential candidates
– sifting of applications and processing cv’s
– Shortlisting candidates and contacting them for interviews
– the interview process
– supplying the client with a shortlist of candidates
– interviews with clients and follow up
– employment process
– post employment follow up with employers and employees
– risk mitigation strategies
– fee structures of personnel agencies

Interview done by Heinrich Grove from SA Accounting Network PTY Ltd

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