Consultants and Outsourcing | Cyber Sentinel

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Consultants and Outsourcing | Cyber Sentinel
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About Cyber Sentinel

Cyber Sentinel is a web series by Alan Adcock, founder and CEO of Automated Solutions Consulting Group in Atlanta, GA that tackles various topics in the security industry. On Cyber Sentinel we tackle data breaches, biggest security threats and strategic tech tips to get you up to date with the best security practices for your corporation and business.

Hello I’m Alan Adcock I’m CEO of ASC
Group we’re an Atlanta based IT
consulting firm and this show is Cyber
Sentinel where we talk about cyber
issues and IT issues affecting your
small to medium-sized business.
So we see this quite a bit where if
you’re a one-man IT department folks are
often reluctant to bring in an outside
consulting company like us so it is true
that we do provide full service IT to
outsourcing for many of our clients. Most
of our longest serving clients that have
been with us for decades, we work very
closely with their IT departments and
their IT directors. So we really extend
what their capability is. Earlier in my
career before founding ASC Group I
served as an intern internal IT director.
So I know what that life is like. You
know back then it was a
complicated job took a lot of time a lot
of energy and today with the advanced
cyber threats that are out there. All the
new cloud technologies and just
increased complexity overall. It’s really
difficult for a one or two man IT shop
to be up to speed on all those
technologies. So we come in beside those
IT departments and really augment
what they do. Depending upon what that
engagement looks like. The engagements
differ some clients we come in and
offload things like workstation support,
helpdesk, that type of support. Other
organizations, we come in and just do
cybersecurity solutions. Sometimes we
come in and do cybersecurity solutions,
networking server management.

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