Talent Acquisition Specialist / Especialista en Adquisición de Talento

La vacante Talent Acquisition Specialist / Especialista en Adquisición de Talento es para un ambiente de trabajo 100% en Inglés.

This position is for a remote job in Mexico for a US / Canada based client.

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About this Role 

At our company, our people are the secret sauce. And our Talent Acquisition team plays a key role in creating the recipe.

As the first hire, 100% focused on Talent Acquisition, you’ll be responsible for driving, leading, and supporting the recruitment process to successful outcomes. You’ll work closely with the Company’s head of HR and senior leadership team to ensure the company’s goals are achieved through near- and long-term hiring strategies.

As the first Talent Acquisition Specialist on the team, you’ll weave the fabric on which the rest of this function is built. You understand your role as mission critical to the organization and do what you need to ensure your quarterly goals are met, including rolling up your sleeves and getting creative with your independent ideas when required.

You will be responsible for sourcing and screening blue-collar talent who will work on our factory floor and be part of our installations team network. You have experience in sales and lead generating, as you can use those skills to identify the strategies you need to meet the hiring targets ahead of you.  



  • Implement the design, development, and delivery of an effective talent acquisition strategy (sourcing, recruiting, referring). 
  • Be a team of one, representing the talent acquisition team. 
  • Screen candidates against set criteria through a fast (1-week long) and criteria-based process. 
  • Implement and maintain core sourcing strategies (job boards, forums) and experiment with new strategies (radio, advertising) weekly. 
  • Maintain talent pool of workers on Excel across role types because this will help us easily reach out to candidates in the future if we need to immediately fill capacity. 
  • Maintain a Trello Board of candidates, take effective notes every call, use judgement to evaluate a candidate’s attitude and qualifications. 
  • Take an ‘outwards sales’ approach to recruiting passive talent. Be able to poach, convince, and be aggressive with your approach towards pulling people in. 
  • Generate interest in the organization’s vacant positions well ahead of schedule, be able to maintain relationships with these people over the long-run.



  • Prior experience in the Lead Generating, Sales Strategy, People Ops space.
  • Deep knowledge of job board syndication methodologies and best practices. 
  • Leadership skills, specifically writing, speaking with enthusiasm, and setting clear expectations when speaking. 
  • Comfortable and extremely confident on the phone + video. You are aggressive in communicating your needs but do it with such tact that you are soothing to talk to!
  • Effective note-taking and summarizing / communicating results to your boss daily. 
  • Clear communicator, organized, quick and efficient, hard-working, personable. 
  • Able to execute at a high-output (e.g., create excel templates) with pure verbal direction of the goal. 
  • Proficient in Trello, excel, and sourcing platforms (Indeed, ZipRecruiter). 
  • Proficiency in cold-emailing platforms in the past (lots of cross-over in that skillset and this job). 
  • Familiar with manufacturing and interested in construction preferred. 
  • You are empathic to understand job conditions and skills required on the manufacturing floor and installation field, even though you are not physically there. 


About You  

You are organized to the bone. You love to create and implement processes and systems that drive efficiency. You’re a team player, someone who will do whatever it takes to help better the company as a whole. You are trustworthy. You have a strong moral compass and values that guide you in your life and work. You are kind, positive, warm, and friendly.

You will be the face of the company, interacting with all blue-collar prospective candidates and some current employees. You also have thick skin when dealing with difficult people, and you aren’t shaken easily. You are someone who your peers respect because of how clear you are.  


Are you still with us?  

If so, you’re:  

  • Sharp, agile, adaptable.
  • High integrity. 
  • Relentlessly ambitious. 
  • High bandwidth. 
  • A direct and clear communicator. 
  • Creative and always looking for new ways of doing thing.



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